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Friday, 27 January 2012

Hi and welcome to the Blog of Mandy Carr - The Pet Psychic and animal communicator. 
I am a medium and interact with spirit and this also includes pets who have also passed. Although i do one to one readings, Platform demonstrations, spiritual clearances and parnormal events i also specialise in animal communication and healing. This can be done on a one to one consultation or it can also be done at a distance too so no matter where you live, i can still communicate with your pet whether on the earth plane or passed. I communicate via telepathy, thoughts and images sent from your pets via a photograph and can also pick on on any pain they may also be suffering from and pinpoint where the pain is and although i cannot diagnose as i am not a vet i can tell you where the pain is and what is causing it. 
Animals and pets are affected much more than we realise by our surroundings and changes around them whether it be a house move, a new pet, a baby in the family, marriage and partnership splits, companions and family members passing etc and also are prone to picking up on our emotions and feelings and this can reflect in their behaviour. Even small subtle changes around the home can affect your pet in a big way.
There are a variety of reasons why you would want to use an animal communicator for your beloved pet... 

Traumatic experiences:

This can include anything from marriage splits, family or companion deaths, witnessing attacks on their loved ones whether they be another animal or human and can leave long lasting emotional and health problems unless sorted. Even if you are not aware of any situations which come under this category, if your pet was rescued and you are unaware of their past life with previous owners and how they were treated. I can link with them and find out about their previous lives with descriptions of their previous owners and the life they lived.

Behavioural Problems:

Behavioural problems can also be caused by similar incidents to the above but on a much lesser scale. I can link with your pet and find out what is causing them, what the issues are and translate the information back to you with advice on what steps to take to tackle the issue in hand.

 Health Issues:

Does your pet seem in pain or not themselves recently? a simple link in could provide the answer you need as i pick up on the ailments they are suffering from in order for me to tell you where the problems are located. Although i am not a vet and do not claim to be and therefore cannot offer a diagnosis but point you in the right direction.


Healing can be done on a one to one consultation or at a distance. Depending on the severity of the problems in need of healing this takes approx 20 minutes to half an hour. Some cases will need repeat healing until the problem subsides.

Pet Reading:

A reading of our beloved pets still here with us. Your chance to find out what your pet is thinking and whether there are any issues or health problems. their chance to tell you how they feel. Readings are done via email based on a recent photograph of your pet with their face looking at the camera.

Pet Reading (pets who have passed):

A reading with your pet who has crossed over into the spirit world with messages, proof of existence in the family home, memories etc. Reassurance your pet is still with you in spirit. There are no guarantees i will be able to link with all pets on this basis, if this becomes the case with you then all monies will be instantly refunded. A photograph will be needed with their face facing towards the camera. 

Mini Pet Readings:

Mini pet readings are also available which is a much shorter version of a full pet reading. 

I will be updating my blog with news feeds, advice, special offers and handy tips :)

Much love, 
Mandy xx

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